The Importance of Nonpartisanship

September 24, 2020
From Our Founder

Dear Friends:

One Planet Group’s digital marketing and tech services agency, Quite Remarkable, recently participated in a bid for the California Secretary of State Office’s information campaign on how to vote in California during the coronavirus pandemic. We were truly honored to be able to participate in the process, and while we were not selected, we respect the decision and trust that the contract selection process was fair and thorough.

At a time when our nation is so deeply divided and trust in long-standing institutions are questioned, we wanted to call attention to the completely nonpartisan nature of our business.

One Planet Group and its ownedcompanies, including Quite Remarkable and media company, fully refrain from supporting, endorsing, and providing financial contributions to any political party.

We believe this is one of our critical differentiators in addition to the robust capabilities of our businesses that allow us to be of service to government institutions and ultimately the constituents they serve, free from any concerns regarding partisan favoritism.

Personally, as a member of the Baha’i Faith, while I do vote, it is my individual stance to refrain from any partisan political activities and instead engage in community-building efforts and ways to unify people through humble service to humanity.

We welcome any inquiries into our operations.

We look forward to continuing to be of service by supporting government institutions with our unique offerings and commitment to nonpartisanship.


Payam Zamani

Founder, Chairman & CEO

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