One Planet launches a global prayer chain in response to COVID-19 pandemic

April 3, 2020

One Planet. One People. United by a Prayer Chain

WALNUT CREEK, Calif., April 3, 2020 - Following the World Health Organization’s declaration that coronavirus (COVID-19) is a pandemic, One Planet’s team felt the need to launch — a site for people from all around the world, from all religious and nonreligious backgrounds — to join together in a chain of continuous prayers and positive reflections focused on the health of our human family.

One Planet, a Bay Area-based hybrid tech and media firm, dedicated 10 full-time engineers, designers and other professionals to get this humble website up and running quickly. The website is meant to accommodate the human need to come together during this global health crisis. enables people around the world to participate in a never-ending prayer chain that will go on until the current collective suffering caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) has ended. Visitors to the site will be able to see in real-time when someone offers a prayer or a positive reflection for the world.

“We are one humanity and we collectively are experiencing suffering, loss, and uncertainty,” said CEO Payam Zamani.

“As a follower of the Baha’i Faith, I believe that prayer is a powerful spiritual force. This website is a vehicle for us all to come together, to actually experience someone from around the world saying a prayer or offering a positive reflection. It’s wonderful to know that you’re not alone. Someone else out there is saying a prayer right now, for your well-being, for our collective well-being.” shows a continuous spinning globe. A light will shine on a location indicating where a prayer is being offered at that moment. Visitors to the site can select a time to offer a prayer, positive message, or a link to an inspirational video or music. The prayers in the queue will be offered in real-time by the person who has signed up for the specific time slot. One Planet is not making money off It is purely a humanitarian effort.

“The purpose of it is very simple, it’s just to show love,” Zamani said.

People from all religious or nonreligious backgrounds are welcome to offer a prayer or inspirational reflection on

Few, if any, events in modern history have made humanity feel so connected and appreciative of its oneness. Technology has helped us come together more easily to connect, pray and send support in real-time.

“As we collectively experience this crisis, we are hopeful, as history has proven, that this event too will be followed by victories,” Zamani said. also has a page that lists reputable nonprofit organizations along with links to send donations during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Light Up The World is a not-for-profit service, dedicated by One Planet to humanity, that operates as a public forum for people from all religious or nonreligious backgrounds to join in a continuous prayer chain and offering of positive reflections focused on the health of humanity and removal of the current collective global suffering. Glowing lights emanating from different locations on the globe represent the actual locations from where prayers and reflections are being offered on a real-time basis by people all over the world. The purpose of the site is simple: show love.

About One Planet:

One Planet is a hybrid tech firm that owns and operates a suite of online technology and media businesses, is an early-stage investor in cutting edge technologies and businesses, and also serves as a startup business incubator.

One Planet takes its social impact seriously as it operates a few wholly-owned technology businesses, supports new entrepreneurs, helps bring ideas to life, and encourages companies to consider their contributions to humanity. This philosophy is embodied in One Planet’s tagline, Innovation x Intention, as the company not only measures its financial success but its contribution to the common good, aiming to make the world a better place.

The company donates as much as 20 percent of its annual profits to charitable causes.

One Planet’s owned brands include Buyerlink,,, and Quite Remarkable. And some of its investments include The RealReal, SoulPancake, Volans-i, and Ironclad. For more information, please visit or follow us on social media.

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