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January 16, 2020
Press Release

The premier California website provides an all-access pass to the best of the Golden State

WALNUT CREEK, Calif., January 16, 2020 -- Bay Area tech and media company One Planet Group announces the launch of - a website dedicated to showcasing the best of the state of California.

The new digital publication combines editorial content, photo essays, travel guides and business and people profiles in a comprehensive, easy-to-navigate site that highlights destinations, cities and people throughout the Golden State, designed for both visitors and those who call California home. was incubated by One Planet and spearheaded by its CEO Payam Zamani, who came to California in 1988 as a Baha’i refugee, escaping religious persecution in Iran.

“I have a very deep love for California, having spent most of my life here. I’m truly grateful for everything this magnificent state and its wonderful people have offered me,” said Zamani. “As a 16 year-old looking for a home far from the persecution of Baha’is in Iran, I was put on a plane to San Francisco. When I landed, I was just completely in awe of its beauty, the diversity of its people and the sense of freedom and entrepreneurship.”  

Visitors and residents can discover the magic of California in a unique new way. is a place for both information and inspiration. Its writers and photographers deliver lifestyle articles and travel guides aimed to show visitors something new, spark curiosity and encourage exploration.

In a very short period, has gained more than a million followers on Facebook and 140,000 followers on Instagram.

In 2020, the team continues to ramp up delivery of exciting and distinctive content. There are more than 400 articles on the site, including feature stories on San Francisco’s female skateboarding crews, the Humphry Slocombe founders and Getaway Guides for Santa Barbara, Big Sur and Point Reyes. More content is added on a daily basis and hopes to expand further by publishing contributed articles from Californians and visitors.

“While there are several wonderful visitor sites and city-specific publications doing great work, we didn’t see any publication or website combining all that we do,” said Zamani. “We are also operating under an umbrella brand that all Californians and those visiting this state could remember and easily discover the diversity of California. We offer fresh content that provides an actual voice for the people and businesses from each unique area in California. This will be a lifelong commitment for us, as it will take years to accumulate enough content to do this great state justice.”

The domain name, acquired in a package deal with nine others for an undisclosed mid-seven figure amount, represents one of the most expensive domain transactions in recent history.

The deal included three domain names that in the past have been used for content that the One Planet team would not find appropriate. These domains are:, and

Rather than offering those three domain names for resale, One Planet intends to re-purpose them as sites that promote the equality of women and men, put the spotlight on the exploitation of girls and human trafficking, and advocate for the oneness of humanity.

About is the go-to destination for discovering the very best of California and what the state has to offer locals and visitors. Our quality editorial content features curated adventures, engaging photography, profiles of real people and the amazing stories that make up California.

We aim to inspire people to explore the Golden State.

Discover all things California at  and follow @hellocalifornia on Instagram.

About One Planet:

One Planet is a hybrid tech firm that owns and operates a suite of online technology and media businesses, is an early stage investor in cutting edge technologies and businesses, and also serves as a startup business incubator.

One Planet takes its social impact seriously as it operates a few wholly owned technology businesses, supports new entrepreneurs, helps bring ideas to life and encourages companies to consider their contributions to humanity. This philosophy is embodied in One Planet’s tagline, Innovation x Intention, as the company not only measures its financial success, but its contribution to the common good, aiming to make the world a better place. The company donates as much as 20 percent of its annual profits to charitable causes.

One Planet’s owned brands include Buyerlink,, and Quite Remarkable. And some of its investments include The Real Real, Soulpancake, Volans-i and IronClad. For more information, please visit  or follow  @OnePlanetOps on Twitter.

For additional information, please contact:

Leigh Martinez

Director of PR, One Planet Group

Phone: (925) 518-1091


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