One Planet Group promotes Jenna Nicholas to Head of Corporate Development

May 14, 2021

Nicholas will lead the M&A efforts as One Planet Group continues to grow its Buyerlink ad tech platform both organically and through targeted acquisitions

WALNUT CREEK, Calif., May 12, 2021 -- One Planet Group, a hybrid technology, media, and investment firm, announced today the promotion of Jenna Nicholas to Head of Corporate Development. One Planet is actively seeking targeted acquisition opportunities primarily for its core businesses with a specific focus on opportunities that can support Buyerlink, the leading online auction marketplace of locally targeted and category-specific consumer demand, currently serving the automotive, real estate, insurance, home services, solar, and home warranty industries.

“Jenna’s background as someone who cares about building purpose-driven organizations and her expertise in developing and implementing expansion has made her an ideal person for the role of Head of Corporate Development for OPG,” said One Planet and Buyerlink founder and CEO Payam Zamani. “Given that Buyerlink is vertical and geography agnostic we will be casting a wide net with the intention of going deeper into our existing verticals and growing into new ones while also considering acquisitions for other OPG companies.”

Nicholas will also continue to serve in her role as Vice President of One Planet VC leading investments in startups, with a continued commitment to investing at least 60% of One Planet VC’s investments in women and people of color founded or run businesses. To date, One Planet VC has invested in over 25 companies with three having reached unicorn status.

“I’m excited to build upon my role with One Planet and be an integral part of the company’s vision framework and its relationships with external founders, bankers, and other key stakeholders, in order to maximize its social and financial impact in the world.” said Nicholas. “In addition to looking for investment opportunities, I am collaborating cross-functionally with One Planet and Buyerlink’s executive and technology teams to investigate and consider all opportunities that can be valuable additions to the existing businesses and the product roadmap, but also ones that align with One Planet’s core values.”

Nicholas’ promotion comes after One Planet acquired Utah-based Five Strata, a fast growing ad tech company focused on cost-per-lead marketing solutions for the solar industry. OPG acquired this business not only because of its relevance to Buyerlink, but for its intentional company culture dedicated to community service and being a source of social good.

Given the power of the patented technology platform underlying Buyerlink, One Planet Group has a specific interest in cost-per-lead ad tech companies in any vertical and geography. A primary test for any company to be considered as an acquisition target will continue to be its culture and a willingness to align with One Planet Group’s ethos of ‘Innovation x Intention,’ to foster a powerful combination of business success and positive social impact.

About Buyerlink:

Buyerlink is the leading online auction marketplace for the generation and monetization of locally targeted and category-specific consumer demand.  

Buyerlink's patented technology allows its platform to conduct millions of auctions striving to connect consumers to perfectly matched service providers. It currently serves the automotive, real estate, insurance, home services, solar, and home warranty industries, and its category agnostic platform offers us the capability to quickly launch and grow into new categories of service.

As a fully integrated technology platform, Buyerlink simplifies online marketing, empowering businesses of all sizes to gain access to in-market locally-targeted consumer demand at scale.  

While Buyerlink is focused on providing a massively effective, locally targeted marketing solution, as a One Planet company Buyerlink's true fulfillment stems from operating a mission-driven business with a measurably positive impact on the world. Its fundamental values place love at the center of every facet of the business. The Buyerlink team stands for social justice, women's rights, racial justice, and unity. Buyerlink provides the means to uphold the company's unwavering commitment to universal philanthropy.

About One Planet:

One Planet Group is a hybrid tech firm that owns and operates a suite of online technology and media businesses, is an early-stage investor in cutting-edge technologies and businesses, and also serves as a startup business incubator.

One Planet takes its social impact seriously as it operates a few wholly-owned technology businesses, supports new entrepreneurs, helps bring ideas to life, and encourages companies to consider their contributions to humanity. This philosophy is embodied in One Planet’s tagline, Innovation x Intention, as the company not only measures its financial success but its contribution to the common good, aiming to make the world a better place.

The company contributes as much as 20 percent of its annual profits to charitable causes.

One Planet owned brands include Buyerlink,,, and Quite Remarkable. And some of its investments include The RealReal, SoulPancake, Volans-i, Airmap, Gro Intelligence, Wrapbook and Ironclad.

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