Culture In Action: One Planet Group in Armenia

July 25, 2021

At One Planet Group, we have a strong spirit of service ingrained in our culture. We believe that intention isn’t meaning well, it’s doing well.

Our  mission is to communicate and demonstrate that businesses can and should be a force for social good and that conscious intent functions as an integral part of our DNA.  In an effort to support global staff in their efforts to “do well” One Planet offers paid service days for employees to champion work in their local communities.

We are fortunate to have offices in cities within the United States, Canada, Ukraine, and Armenia. With offices in many countries, we’d like to be a part of these communities and impact them in a positive way by providing charitable contributions to causes we’re passionate about, as well as dedicating our time through acts of service.

In Armenia, the One Planet team has been dedicated toimproving the conditions of neighbourhoods located on the outskirts of Yerevan.  Recently they’ve been passionate aboutworking to improve children’s playgrounds in the area. This month the team worked together in the service of Ghukasavan Kindergarten, where there was a need for yard maintenance including painting the gazebos and refurbishing the main hall of the kindergarten. Their efforts provided the children with a brighter space to work and play.

The Schools Director was delighted with the team's support,  adding that she rarely witnessed such acts of service. We are pleased to see our culture in action and we recognize that without our team's perseverance and commitment to service, and the administration's kindness, we wouldn't have had such a successful day of service and collaboration.

“We are excited to see that our contribution has made a difference. There's still a lot to be done, therefore, we shall continue to dedicate time and energy to the community. We hope to make the children of Ghukasavan happier, and in turn, we'll be happier ourselves.” - OPG Armenia

The Message from the OPG Armenia team is clear, they are committed to making lasting change and building deeper roots in their community. Giving allows us to have a real partnership with the world around us so we continue to encourage our staff, partners and the wider community to step forward and help make sustainable positive change in the world.

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